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Default He now hunts fish...

Mikey is a weird dog, there's no denying that. He's part beagle and he's always had a prey drive. His ultimate enemy is the bunny in my backyard. He freaks out at chipmunks. He caught a bird once, but the weird thing is, he didn't kill it. He didn't even shake it. He just didn't know what to do with it. My dad saw him play-bowing at something and went outside and he had the bird in his mouth at that point. When my dad told him to drop it, he obeyed. He play-bows at EVERYTHING. The first time he saw a wave he playbowed at it. I think he wants to play with the bunny, he runs after it with his tail wagging. While it's's strange.

I think I have found his new enemy..or friendemy. I take him regularly to the park to hike and splash around in the water. He hadn't seen a fish yet. Well, a few weeks ago he did. I couldn't tell what kind it was but he went after it. I guess there was a bunch of them, but he kept chasing them, and putting his snout in the water trying to get them. At one point he was pawing at the water, CRYING. He drew a crowd, even a park ranger came over 'cause he saw the crowd. He joked that Mikey needed a license to fish in NJ.

I really have a weird dog, and here is fisherpug -

A fish eye view, taken from underwater

His wet face.

And just cause he's freakin' adorable..

Before he discovered new prey.

I hate myself for not recording it, but I'm sure I'll have more chances this summer. I *MAY* be taking him canoeing....that'd be an adventure.

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