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Default A few photos for your enjoyment..

Hey everyone, I haven't been on this forum in quite a while so I thought I'd post some fairly recent photos of my dogs.

This is Sawyer - he turns 2 in June. He's the most spirited... actually my mum's dog, but he sleeps in my bed and comes on walks with me!

Meg! She just turned 6 on February 16th. Affectionate, quiet, anxious. Always manages to find the biggest puddle to walk through.

Willow, and in the second picture a friend's Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy. She's 4 this year. She's the sweetest and most cuddly. Really reserved at first but everybody who gets to know her falls in love!

And one more picture of Sawyer that my boyfriend took, as he's the most photogenic... he took the first picture of Willow, too.
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