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"Puppa-pia, puppa-pia, puppa-pia let me go, beelzebub has a devil of a sight for meeeeee....."

Gee thanks, I'll be singing that all night now.

She does look very dapper, despite her funny patch of curly and un-strippable coat across her surgery scar. Kelly the groomer says it could take two seasons to grow back through again.

One thing I do notice about her stance that makes me a little bit sad - is that she does look so weak through her quarters now. The groomer said she had quite good muscle tone in her hind legs considering her injury, but her back seems a bit rounded, and her hind legs are often wobbly. She tends to throw all her weight onto her front legs. hubby says that although she does race around at work, she is definitely slower - and its obvious at home that she doesn't have the strength she used to have.

Sigh. Ah well Nellie bell, my little puppa-pia bambina, you just live your grouchy little life as madly as you can until your damaged spine gives out for good.

We never worked out why she was so fascinated by the flowers!!

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