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Default Agility trial

Well, we are off this weekend for a three day outdoor trial. I will be going with my sister and her dog and staying in their fifth-wheel trailer. I have both Remmy and Kiska entered and she has her dog, Mikey, entered also.

Remmy has lots of classes, one on Friday night, five on Saturday and four on Sunday. Kiska has one on Saturday and two on Sunday. My sister has a total of seven classes in the three days.

Should be an entertaining weekend. Just hope our weather changes as we have had one thunderstorm after another and Kiska hates the thunder and just shivers and shakes. Can't really blame her as we had a couple of claps of thunder that literally shook the house. In between the temperature shoots up to close to seventy (20 C) then drops down to just above freezing at night.

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