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Shelties: They were bred to herd lifestock with their voices, and they revel in this breeding. If you don't like barking, don't get a sheltie. They can be taught a "quiet" command with a good trainer. They are a double coated breed, so there is a lot of shedding. They only require brushing once a week, but they do have coat maintenance. There are a lot of bad lines out there, and fearful shelties abound. Sheltes from good lines should be bold and fearless, but unfortunately the good lines are fewer than the bad. If your Sheltie is from a good line, they will probably need to have work to do. There are a few really high drive shelties out there that do not fare well in pet homes. Be aware of this and avoid those extreme high drive shelties, who need to go to experienced trainers with lots of work planned for those dogs.

American Eskimos: A Northern Spitz breed, these dogs are stubborn, and again fear is common in the breed. They have the typical Nordic dog personality, and training can be a bit difficult for a first time dog owner. Another breed that sheds heavily. They require weekly brushing, and with a white coat, will require more baths than the average dog. Very long lived with 17 years being quite common in the breed.
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