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Rough Collie - some breed lines (mine in particular) can be very over sensitive and nervous, resulting in panic attacks. Mine also snaps and nips if she's panicking. Her nerves are so bad at times we completely revolve our lives around her to make sure she doesn't get scared. My previous rough collie was not at all like it though, he was calm, steady and placid (how they should be). There are a fair few others like Simba now though. Simba is totally dependent on us, she would cease to function without us.

Pointer - Needs to want to work for you, mine will either ignore you or shut down if something isn't 'fun' or if he decides your attitude stinks, and he's very stubborn once that has happened! Constant battle with his instincts to hunt and range quite far from me, and his chase drive if small furries are afoot (or big ones unfortunately). However, if you manage to build a good relationship with one they are great fun to train and every bit as smart as a collie. I didn't have mine from a pup but we've still achieved a lot considering where we started.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier - loveable clowns, don't fare well in the heat or in endurance related activities, or anything too agile, though some lighter built ones do better.

Cocker spaniel - highly intelligent and very vocal, you must not let their cute looks lull you into letting them get away with things as they will push it and guarding of possessions is a common problem. However if you are firm but fair they are fantastic little dogs, very trainable and manageable.

I love all dogs, but i'm a gundog person at heart, they have an incredibly kind and soft way about them but with all the mad energy and trainability you could want.

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