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Default Worst Traits about your "breed"

Hello Everyone,

I'm always interested in the pro's and negatives of various dog breeds. It seems that a lot of people just want to discuss what is marvelous about their breed.

I'd be extremely interested in hearing from people about the "worst" traits of the breed they own - or breeds! even if you yourself don't necessarily find it a bad thing.

For me it's the following:

Fila Brasileiros: People aggressive no matter how you socialize them, very "alpha" dogs, tend to be small animal aggressive, they are also the most up your butt clingy dog that I have ever run across.

Afghan hounds: Lots and lots of grooming, hard to potty train, will only listen if there is something really good in it for them - oh and they are hyper active maniacs when they are puppies!

Irish Wolfhounds: rather short life span, easily startled by new things, usually have a hard time figuring out they are the size of a pony. It's also ridiculously easy to hurt their feelings. I mean really I've found myself consoling the 50lb puppy that the kitten didn't really mean to be a bully as she attempted to hide under the coffee table and got stuck.

There are so many things out there to learn when living with different dog breeds. Since it would be quite impossible for me to own one of every breed of dog out there - I spend enormous amounts of time reading various articles on the subject!


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