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Originally Posted by techie View Post
Welcome to df! You might try agility too! Should keep you busy!
We are actually starting puppy agility in the fall
I think that's where he's going to shine, judging by what I've seen so far.

Welcome to the forum and no I do not have one but I saw your avatar and he's SO cute.

I have dealt with rather high drive dogs and if he has a good off switch and you keep him exercised as you do as well as consistnent with the trainign I can't see why he'd go berserker. Sure through teenage phase he might a little but tell me which dog DOESN'T!!!! *lol*

anyhow welcome here and please more pictures!!
Thank you so much. He is a great dog and I know I"m doing well with him, but it's still good to get some reassurance! I'm fulling expecting some "fun" when he hits adolescence, but otherwise I really do hope he keeps his wonderful temperament. And yes, I will get more photos up soon. I have to admit, he is a cute!

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