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Default Anyone else with a "Texas heeler"?

I recently got a "Texas heeler" puppy named Flash. He is a WONDERFUL little dog so far. I was wondering if anyone else here has one of these dogs and if so, how are their temperaments and energy levels?

I was on the lookout for a dog that would be good for flyball and agility (I love both) and also athletic in general and I came across Flash's litter. He came from an Aussie breeder who also has a pet ACD. She was out of town and her teenaged son let the ACD out with a female in along came the heeler litter

I was very nervous about getting one of these pups at first. I am very into dog sports and the outdoors, but still wasn't sure if I could provide a high drive herding dog with everything it needed. However the breeder was fantastic. She assured me that she selects Aussie lines with good "off switches" and that her ACD is also a very mellow guy in the house. So far Flash is just the same. He loves his walks and playtime but in general he is very, very laid back. Everyone who meets him comments on his sweet, calm temperament. I know he is still young (14 weeks) and things may change, but so far he is the best puppy I have ever owned!

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