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Your friend is too picky. I co own a dog who the breeder choses who he breeds with. There is not restriction to what I have to feed him, but the breeder buys his food and I don't complain. She also doesnt make the owner of the female feed a certain thing either providing its not something like Dog Chow or Mainstay *gags*. Now as for requesting half the litter, I can sometimes see this happening. Now this is why, I only ever requested half the litter once. Now, we have put over $5,000 into this male..probably more. Now the price of one puppy is generally $800. So if the female has a litter of 8, I am only getting $800 to put back into the breeding program, so in a case like this I will request the price of 2 puppies, in a litter with 12 or more ill ask for 3. If they dont agree they dont breed to my male. I let the breeder handle that as I am known for my take it or leave tough luck attitude problem lol. So I can get grumpy. I would be careful about your friend requesting one male puppy. Sounds to me like he may breed mother and son together to profit. Dont walk away from He sounds like hes being greedy. Sorry but when I bred my one Mal before I decided to keep a female, but she was only kept to see if she would be a show prospect, but her pasterns were down (which is common in puppies and usually corrects itself), but she was going on 5 months and they were only slowly correcting and we didnt wanna risk her going into heat and breeding so I rehomed her to pet home pending pasturns correct. They did correct and she is currently in the show ring and has been bred once.

Your walking on hot very careful. There are lots of people who will say anything to get a puppy. Let me tell you something. When I had the last litter, I had a lady apply for a puppy. All 5 references she included checked out. On my contract it states the dog will never be tied outside...must be an indoor dog as I dont believe in outside dogs (I am soo against that). I did a house check on her and found out the dog lived outside 90% of the time, was fed table scraps, no vet care, no nothing. Played with rocks and twigs. She breeched the contract, so I took the puppy and walked away after I had the neighbour sign a witness statement that the dog was outside all the time and never brought inside. She called me I told her why the puppy was taken and she didnt even try to argue with me. See? this person on the outside checked out fine, I did a house check, nice house, nice floors, clean and well kept...she signed saying the dog would be inside..she lied and breeched the her loss. I dont stand for that, everytime I drive by a house with an outside dog for whatever reason I cry and get so fed up and pray that dog finds a better owner. By outside I mean outside 24/7...IMO there is no correct way to keep an outside dog as they are pack animals. I have a kennel in my yard at the side of my garage. If its nice outside and I have to run to the store I will put them outside in it for an hour. So they arent cooped in the house. Like today I went to shop and they were out there for the house I was biggie.

Personally I would spay her, I am against spaying and neutering but I would hate to see pitbull puppies brought into this world when here are plenty already. Why not try to rescue a litter rather than breed?

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