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Ok so if this is not a split heat how do I tell when the bleeding will stop? Her swelling has gone down a little and the discharge is clotting and getting much darker.

She wears an old (clean) pair of boxer briefs that I have converted into a little diaper with a paper towel as a pad when she is out of her kennel around the house. This is most the day. Because she has a way of being able to get the boxers off I keep her in the kennel while I am at work 9-5. I have also made every effort to stay away from male dogs by taking her out only at night/very early morning (usually between 11pm and 3 am) and we drive way outside the city to a secluded hiking trail for our walks. She gets about three hours of exercise then she spends the rest of the day inside with the exception of using the bathroom. I let her clean her area as much as possible and have been cleaning her hind legs where the blood drips on them careful not to get any of the dog soap near the vulva. I change her pad 2-3 times a day. She is free fed like always and has started to intake an increased amount of water.

I have bought a can of industrial strength carpet cleaner and have kept all friends and family (other than mommy of course) out of the house. We have put some ona fragrance eliminating blocks throughout the house, and I installed an ozone generator in our ducting system. I believe this will kill the smell and help keep unwanted males away. There are roughly 20 dogs in my complex and probably 100 of them on my block. I heard that up to a mile away the male can smell the heat so I would say that is probably close to 500 dogs that we are trying to keep away from her. It is very stressful in the city dealing with the heat.

Is there anything I could be doing to better her situation? I usually put her in the kennel for heats but here in Boston it has become impossible finding a kennel that will take a pit bull (Sadie's mommy and I just moved from hippie country Colorado). So I am very nervous that I am doing something wrong that will jeopardize Sadie's health. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

On another note, I was so sick of talking about Sadie her heat and possible future pregnancies and thought I couldn't take anymore, until I arrived home from work today to find about 10 different empty pregnancy test boxes (the human kind) in the trash. I found Emily hunched over a little stick in the bathroom, and couldn't believe it when she turned to me and said I'm pregnant. Man after all this wondering with sadie it turned out to be my girlfriend who needed my attention the most. After two heats with Sadie the Lord better bless me with a boy! (just kidding)

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