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Originally Posted by sadiepup View Post
Patch's owner also has very high demands! He wants first pick male of the litter, say where half the litter ends up, he wants say on the price for his "half" of the litter, he demands Sadie eat Black Gold dog food, and also wants 50% of all profits.

My question. Even though he is my friend and I do not want to rip him off, if I do decide to breed with Patch, can he legally hold me responsible for all his demands? What if I breed dont sign any contract and be like here is your Dog its the runt thats all your getting that is breed standard... sorry bud. Could he take me to court?
Is he serious, IMO that's not much of a friend! Does he think you just fell to earth from another planet? He does nothing but provide the sperm; you do all the work, put your dog at risk; spend hundreds of dollars on testing and vet bills, care for her during her entire pregnancy, whelp and raise a litter of puppies for 8 or 10 weeks and he expects to get half the profits and dictate what you feed her. That's absurd IMO! The standard stud fee among ethical breeders is equal to the sales price of just one puppy.

If you sign a contract like that; you bet he can take you to court! Hundreds of similar cases regarding dogs and breeding go to court every year and the judges don't take them lightly. To a judge it's about whether the contract is legal and binding and very little about the actual dogs (property) involved. A properly written contract will be upheld by a judge and then you'll have court fees to pay on top of giving half your litter (and your profits) away and having no control over what happens to them.

If you don't sign a contract he may not win in court but he can refuse to sign the registration papers and you'll have an entire litter of unregistered puppies. Unregistered pit puppies and pit mixes are being sold or given away on street corners in just about every city in the country every day. The statistics show that at least half of those puppies wind up being put to death in shelters.

It sounds from this side of the screen like Patch's owner must be one heck of a snake oil salesman if he can even manage to get anyone to consider such outrageous demands!

If you are determined to breed her; even though I get the feeling you aren't really that comfortable with the idea, there are literally thousands of stud dogs available that are every bit as good or even better than his. And their owners won't make outrageous demands in exchange for the use of their sperm.

One last comment and I'm done.

Please don't forget that the odds are tremendous that for every puppy you produce, another homeless pit somewhere will be put to death. Will the puppies you produce be so extraordinarily special that it's worth causing the death of another?

A well trained dog will make no attempt to share your lunch.

He'll just make you feel guilty while you're eating it.

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