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okay so if spaying her now is going to put her at risk, what if i keep the option to breed her but never follow through? what if i keep her intact and dont decide to breed her untill i am financially able to support a pregnant bitch, and have a big house for the pups. Right now I live in an apartment, which I do not believe would be a responsible place to deliver a litter.

I also have had a mate in mind an intact gorgeous male purebred as well. The reason we decided not to mate was I read so much negativity online about breeding pits. I posted on another forum site my intentions and was scrutinized by every poster. I felt dumb and decided against it. But now in my current research I am seeing all of these pups in the pound are pit mixes. My girlfriend (sadie's mommy) seems to believe that some if not most are purebreds they just label them pit mix so people will be more likely to buy one. Anyway, if they are all truly mix breeds then that leads me to believe that there still is a market for purebreds and it might still be a good idea.

all in all i just want to do what is best for my dog (and best friend in the whole world). My original intentions were yes to mate her. Now I just want to make sure she will be ok, and do not feel either way about breeding her. It would be nice but if the puppies will all end up in the pound I obviously would not want to do it. If this is the case then it looks like spaying is out of the question with the increased risk. But will she be at risk if she keeps cycling and never gets pregnant? I know in wolf packs only the Alpha bitch will mate and none of the others will, so i think she will be just fine.

I would love some feed back.

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