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Default Split heat

My oh my

Sadie went into heat right around april 1st. I put her in a kennel and roughly 10 days later they called me and told me she is done! To my huge excitement because her last heat lasted about 25 days. I drove sadie home very happy to spend some quality time with her as I missed her so much.

I noticed a week later the swelling in her female parts did not go down like it had at the end of her last heat. I figured she was just being a teenager in puberty and refusing to give up on getting pregant.

3 weeks went by and the swelling had actually increased so I knew something was up. I thought for sure there was something terribly wrong. Then a little over four weeks from when I picked her up, she started bleeding like crazy again.

I thought at first she was ill or had bad diet, but I have been feeding her the usual food. I noticed a huge increase in urination and blood flow. I thought maybe she had somehow gotten pregnant in the kennel and was now having a miscarriage. Online I began researching miscarriages and came across a split heat. I believe sadie to be in a split heat.

She is a 50lbs blue nose pit bull. We kept her unspayed because that is what I was instructed to do by a veteran weight puller. He said keeping her unspayed until her second or third heat would insure her body developed to its full potential.

Has anybody dealt with a split heat before? My main concern is how long this second "true" heat will last for. Like if she already bled for 10 days does that mean this one be shorter or will it be a full month like a normal heat?

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