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Aw. Bless your heart. I understand. it is so hard to turn them over to someone. Like any doctor, he should understand patient fears. But some do get all bent out of shape if they think they're being judged. You had every right to full disclosure so just ignore his bluster.

Link looks good - if unhappy about the collar. I gave up on putting one on Ming (knee surgery). He got around it no matter what I did. Bayta would shake her head just as hard and bat her ears on the plastic. So as long as he's not scratching it...

I see what appear to be two tight lines of sutures thoroughly encircling the edges of the incision. that is promising for preventing redevelopment. In Bay's case, the sutures were not solid like that. They were rather sparse and allowed for plenty of flow to other parts of the ear. And, of course, it was her entire ear flap so we started out with a much worse case. Looks like he was very thorough.

Steroids get a bad rap. Yeah, they have their problems but they can do amazing things for humans and animals and when administered in a reasonable fashion (as low dose as possible, as short a duration as possible) I believe they are very useful drugs. Saved my sister's life.

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