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Originally Posted by Monkey View Post
Id do the body blocking... polite warning or not, if they warn they guard, that means next step if the pup don't listen will be nip, then bite, then fight.. So body block the pup til he/she gets the deal or take agilities advice.
I'm not sure if I agree with that. My dogs are used to me putting my hand in their food bowl while they eat (I have been doing this since the beginning), I can stick my hand down their throats, I can take away treats, they share bones amongst themselves, they can eat in peace in the same room, etc. Just because one warns the other does not neccessarily mean resource guarding. Their warnings have never turned into a fight (not yet at least, knock on wood) because the other dogs know how to read eachother already. It's just their way of saying "hey, give me some space here". It may not be the same with all other dogs, but that is the way it is in my household of dogs. (so far at least)

But I do agree with your suggestion of body blocking the pup until it realizes what the rules are.

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