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Yes, musher's secret does work for cracked pads and such, but it also helps to toughen the pads so the repeated contact doesn't cause pad injury. All of my GSDs are house dogs. They aren't out in concrete runs at all, this means that they don't build rough pads. I road work dogs in prep for the AD (an endurance test where the dog runs along side a bike for 12.8 miles), I also road work my dogs in prep for regional conformation and sieger shows. Most of the road work is done on dirt and gravel roads, and some tar roads. I have found that if I begin the treatment of musher's a couple months ahead of time it helps the pads a lot. Additionally, in the winter, some friends and I work our dogs doing sled pulling. We don't always have soft fluffy snow, and the treatment of musher's before and after sled pulling helps decrease pad injury.
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