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Allow me to introduce myself and my animals. My name is Colin, my animals are, Bess, a fifteen year old collie cross bitch, Tilly a two year old same and Max a one year old GSD.

They are all beautifull animals and I love them to bits.

However I have come to this forum because I have a problem and it's not called Bess. I was hoping to talk with people who have had similar problems and maybe get directed somewhere where I could find help.

I know by the way that two puppies are always gonna be a handful, I'm nearly fifty years old.

Within our home Max and Tilly are the probably best dogs in the world. It's when we take them out that the problems start. I have got to the point where it is just best not to take Max out in the day time.

I can't take him to socialisation classes he would eat the other dogs and its not fair to the innocents who are bringing along their puppies for the first time. He can look very aggresive.

Tilly has her own problems that I am partly responsible for. I bought her from a farm in dubious circumstances. She was being advertised as a labrador collie cross but she isn't and I am sure she was older than we were told, she lost her puppy teeth at about 12 weeks. Why do such a stupid thing? I hear you ask.

My wife was very sick, it looked like she wasn't going to make it. I wasn't focussed on the animal. I was doing what I had to, to lift her spirits and show my belief in the future. She's fine now, the cancer had already gone when Tilly came into our home, though we didn't know it then.

Anyway the sickness is all forgotten now and I am left with a lovely but nervous and over protective little collie. And, when the war was over my wife bought me the kinda dog she knew I would like. The bigggest handsomest little GSD you ever saw.

Unfortunately Tilly taught him everything she knew.

I spend a lot of time with my animals and I have a lot of patience but I need to get a little help, just so the dogs can get the most out of their lives. But where to find it?

Apart from all that I have a lot of fun with my dogs and wouldn't swap them.

Thanks for reading this.


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