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Sorry to hear your puppy has some intestinal distress. Where he is a 9 week old puppy, there are a couple of things I would rule out before I started jumping from food to food.

1) when was he first wormed? when was his second worming? What product was used?
2) has a stool sample been floated to determine if he still has worms, or has the vet ruled out Coccidia or Giardia? It is not uncommon for some pups to require a 3rd worming or for pups to go to their new home and all of a sudden show signs of Coccidia. Coccidia, often times is transfered to the pups from the mom. Many dogs have it, and it is only brought out during stressful times. Pregnancy and whelp can be stressful, thus the pups contract it. The pups may not experience any stress while at their whelping home as some breeders do not take pups out to experience the world before they go to their new homes. Then a new owner gets a pup, takes it places and the pup may experience some stress causing the coccidia to emerge. Some pups may never feel stressed so it "lies dormant" until a bigger stress trigger activates it. Coccidia can also present in spurts (no pun intended) a few days of normal stools, then loose again, normal, repeat. Often owners will think it is what they fed the pup and keep changing foods.
3) did the puppy have any shots at all prior to you obtaining it?
4) how much are you feeding the puppy? over feeding can cause explosive stools.

Hopefully, the situation is something simple and easy to fix.
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