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Your vet should definitely be able to help.

Longterm, i'm sure you can get him onto something else in the line of a dry food, but just let him get strong and grow a bit before you start testing out foods if he's that sensitive.

With young puppies, I believe it best to err on the side of caution as it doesn't take much to sap their strength entirely.

There are plenty of options to try when he is stronger, i've been through the whole digestive problem route with my dog and we've got her sorted now. It's a case of establishing what it is that irritates your dog's tummy, but does involve an element of trial and error and isn't a pleasant experience.

My dog has a kibble that contains none of the usual allergens (which are Beef, Pork, Gluten, Grain). She has an entirely fish and potato diet which she is flourishing on, if she accidentally gets red meat she gets the runs.

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