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It could be something in the food that he is sensitive too, how slowly did you introduce the kibble into his diet?

As a small pup, i'd be inclined to feed him the Royal Canin for a while until he gets bigger and stronger, and then start trying to introduce something else. At 9 weeks old he won't have a lot of reserve strength to cope with extended periods of the runs.

I have a dog who has issues with certain types of food and it can be a slow process introducing a new diet, sometimes literally one kibble at a time into a meal so that the digestive system slowly gets used to it.

Some dogs also have issues with certain meat proteins.

I've recently discovered the difference between the Prescription diet 'hypoallergenic' and the other 'hypoallergenic' foods you can get. I've been told the prescription ones hydrolise the meat proteins to make them less likely to irritate, whereas other brands just mean that it doesn't contain common allergens. This was the reason my dog could eat Hills chicken and rice but not another brand I found.

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