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Not sure how this is progressing as I have just seen this post, but for future advice. The vet would immediately advice you starve them...for Puppies its for 12 hours and for Dogs its 24 hours. So I would recommend that if so. It gives their belly a chance to settle if they have an iffy belly. Then when the 12 hours is up, gradually introduce them back onto rice and cooked chicken and then after about 3 days gradually introduce their normal diet.

This is one of the reasons I changed Indi's diet, because he used to get runny poo's. Ready made dog food can be too rich for some dogs.

Also, maybe ask your vet for some Pro-Kolin, its a pro-biotic and in a paste formula.

If you were to the above, starving for 12 hours, then chicken and rice and then introduce their normal diet and the runny poo's persist then take him to the vets. But it isn't necessary to take him on the first instance.
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