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Originally Posted by K9_Kate View Post
the problem is, given my way i would love to have a GSD. I think they are beautiful breed but everyone i have spoken to has told me what a terrible idea it is to have a gsd becasue they can turn viscious etc etc. Is this even true?

it can be true, if they are not breed properly! Some show line have gone through a selective breeding for appearances only, and these dogs often have a nervous character and bad temperament. At the same time some extreme work lines from Eastern Europe such as DDR are way too hyperactive and hard to handle. I'd stay away from american lines both for healt and temperament problems. If you want a GDS with the characteristic you listed, I would go for a good West German bloodline breed for family dogs and working dogs. They can settle down for a quiet lifestyle, but they are active dogs... This does not mean they can't stay home alone during the day!

Or I would go for the White Swiss Shepherd, I put the link in my previous post, It's basically the white version of the GSD but he's quieter, more patient, less active and more of a family and children dog. Plus, you have very good blood lines there in USA!

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