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Thanks everyone for your help so far. I did look into rescue dogs but a lot of them that we have seen are not very good with cats or they are things like Staff's which isnt really what we are looking for. My mother in law rescued a couple of dogs in the past and both had bad health problems in the end and it was quite heartbreaking in the end so i dont know if i could handle finally getting a dog of my own and losing it to an unknown illness a year or two later.

i know that the comment about leaving the dog with children seemed a silly idea but we have friends with small children, the youngest being 18 months and up and there are obviously some occasions at that age when they run off and if they get to the dog before i do i dont want a dog whose natural instinct is to bite! lol

I will be home most of the time while the dog is a puppy but obviously no-one can stay home 24 hours a day hence the non-high activity dog theory

the problem is, given my way i would love to have a GSD. I think they are beautiful breed but everyone i have spoken to has told me what a terrible idea it is to have a gsd becasue they can turn viscious etc etc. Is this even true? i know there are a lot of breeds who get a bad reputation but i am a willing and able person to train a dog properly, I ahve always been very assertive with my mothers dog and even my cats know what they shoud and shouldnt do!

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