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Just a word of advice, incase this becomes a bigger problem (hopefully not).

Our spaniel suffered terribly with collitis as a pup, runny all the time and his pooh had mucus in it (it was light brown in colour - his solid ones are dark brown), he sometimes passed just blood. He was never solid.

We spent many trips to the vet and not much helped until we were prescribed treatment for Giardia which is a parasite that dogs can get. We were given pro kolin which helped his collitis and antibiotics and worming stuff for the parasite. It got worse before it got better and at one point I thought he would never improve but he did.

What compounded Stanley's trouble was that he was alergic to chicken (which we didnt realise) so giving him chicken and rice when he was ill didnt fix the problem - it made it worse.

After trial and error we now know the best treatment for Stan when he has the runs is to starve him for 24 hours (not when he was really little though) and put him straight back on his normal food after that when he perks up (small meals). We feed him JWB lamb and rice kibble for info. He also has a prebiotic capsule each morning with his breakfast.

I haven't heard of a dog that is alergic to fish yet so I think you are doing the right thing. I just wanted to warn you about the chicken - Stan is the second spaniel I know who is alergic to chicken and had similar problems to him.

Hope this helps.

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