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Our Bichon was diagnosed as having Sarcoptic Mange about 2 months ago. He started scratching at 17 weeks old and the vet told us he had allergies. We changed vets and tried different foods and steroids everytime we went which was on average every couple of months or maybe more. He was going worse and scratching his ears till they bled and sometimes his face would just be full of blood from the outside of his ears where he scratched them. He started having to wear an Elizabethan Collar 24 hours a day to give his poor ears a rest. He then started scratching very near his eyes and we went back to the vets in desperation and I asked if there was anything else we could try. He said we had three options - see a skin specialist, keep him on steroids for life or have him put to sleep. He then suggested doing an ear scrape for mites. He did the scrape next day and phoned to say they hadn't found any mites. They sent some blood away to test for Sarcoptes and two weeks later they phoned to say it had come back positive for Sarcoptic mange. We went back to the vets that night and they gave us a packet with 3 vials of Stronghold in and we had to put it on the back of his neck every 2 weeks for 3 weeks. He had his third treatment last week and he has now finally stopped scratching his ears and is an happy little dog again who wants to play and be mischievous. So he was being treated for allergies for over 18 months when all the time it was Sarcoptic Mange.

I asked the vet about us catching it and he didn't seem concerned at all - and we seem to have been okay - no bites or rashes or anything thank goodness.

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