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Originally Posted by daiis View Post
We could maybe do a daily update
There could be a different person for every day of the week and they go through all the posts that were updated that day and put it in an article type thing.
The things you could put it are like, celebrations, updates on dogs that have had to go to the vets and also mentioning people that are asking for help and advice.
If we do, do this then I would gladly help and if you are confused and need more information please ask and I'll gladly help
I don't see the point!

IMO an additional thread with condensed daily updates would be redundant. The information is already there in the threads along with relevant responses. Once we're subscribed to those threads we're on top of new posts and updates as they appear.

Speaking for myself; I wouldn't bother reading someone else's condensed interpretation of active threads any more than I would bother reading every single thread every day...

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