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Lucky for me my dogs do not do this. I have had puppies in a litter do this when out on grass, out of playfullness or boredom one might go and find a pile to lick at, I put dirt over it and occupy the pup doing another job.

You have to get a dog to eat that junk to go through it into fecal matter. That may not be so easy. You can get distaste and it is tasteless in dog food but it makes them stop this. Best way is to clean up the pile right away so they do not get into this habit.

A dog would have to be starved to litterly eat fecal piles or hunt some to do this. It could also be a genetic thing, I have often seen dogs on a leash walking stopping to nibble when riding a street. It with me is more in puppies and that stops when they get homes or I never hear about it and most email me results of their pups temperments.

Good thought for those that have poopie eaters though. lol.

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