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Originally Posted by LesterJ View Post

Edit: looking at the second picture. One thing I can say about this breed is they have a tendency to get "lock-jawed" on things, whether it be a physiological thing, or not. Once they get those jaws clamped on something, it's not easy to get it away from them.
I still say Dalmatians and terriers have a common ancestor. Bayta was like this. She was half Yao Ming's size and her jaws were a vise even up to her old age. To her, the dominance roll was a game. It just ramped her up for more enthusiastic playing. She was also very strong in terms of body muscle. Made for some interesting times when she didn't want to do something - especially the dominance roll.

We did use a spray bottle - I had to use a mosquito repellant on her for a long time because she was outside so much and mosquito season is 12 months a year here. She hated that stuff so I could take the bottle out and set it down and that was enough to calm her down from whatever bad behavior she had going. But once she became a full-time indoor dog, she no longer needed the spray and eventually forgot it was a threat. Fortunately, she outgrew a lot of that bad behavior. But it started from very young also. At 10 weeks she started showing some of these behaviors so that doesn't really shock me that such a young pup has the problem. I don't believe Bay was mistreated in anyway by the woman I bought her from. She *was* the slowest of the litter and I think she had to catch up with her siblings to get her share and that may have set the tone for her dominance issues.

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