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That's pretty shocking behaviour for such a young one, that's too bad. He must have felt extremely threatened, and seems like he's having problems with trust. I believe in consistency, but maybe someone else will have better ideas. I'm no expert. I've never worked with truly troubled dogs.

Some of this stuff sounds like typical terrierist misbehaving. Doing the dominance roll with Tilly was/is funny. She keeps all four feet straight out like a tipped cow. But she is well adjusted, albeit very independent, driven, and downright quirky at times.

I'm looking forward to hearing more, it sounds very challenging but ultimately rewarding.

Edit: looking at the second picture. One thing I can say about this breed is they have a tendency to get "lock-jawed" on things, whether it be a physiological thing, or not. Once they get those jaws clamped on something, it's not easy to get it away from them.

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