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Default New to the dog house.

Hi, I'm Diana and I have a Rafferty. I'm not sure what he is but he herds and the vet thinks he's at least part if not a lot of border collie. How did I get this Rafferty? I think someone either dumped him at the church by my home, or he got loose and ran off. What do you expect when you don't put a collar on a dog, just some cheesey bit of rope? I saw him on a Friday night, and kept driving. Some Doggie Higher Power nudged me and asked "are you just going to leave him there?"

Me: He's probably just run off and his people are out looking for him now.
DHP: You don't really believe that, do you?
Me: I have 3 cats at home, what do you want me to do?
DHP: The right thing.
Me: Okay, I'll walk back tomorrow morning and if he's still there, I'll do what I can.

The next morning...
DHP: You haven't gone and looked yet.
Me: I'm going to give his people until 10 to find him.
DHP: I'm watching you, you know.
Me: Yeah, I've figured that out by now.

Around 10, I wandered back to where I'd seen him. He'd gone up off the road about 100 feet and as I walked back to him, he growled at me.

Me: Listen up. Some really pushy Doggie Higher Power has been on my case all morning to come and find you. If you want help, you need to let me give it to you. Consult with DHP and let me know your answer.

He stopped growling. I walked up to him. I let him sniff my hands. He wagged. I knelt down to check for a collar. He knocked me over and crawled in my lap, which isn't big enough for nearly 50 pounds of puppy but I did manage to determine he had no collar.

The rest of the story? He wasn't chipped. No one listed him as lost on Craigslist. No one put up flyers in the neighborhood. When we were out walking no one stopped and said hey that's my dog. No one reported him missing at the animal shelter and no one called in response to my reporting him found. So he's mine now.

We've gotten started on his shots, and now he's been neutered. He's about 8 months old, very high energy, is housebroken, but thinks I'm a chew toy. I can handle the high energy, we take lots of long walks and I'm teaching him fetch. He'll be a great frisbee dog, once he's all caught up on shots and I can take him to the dog park without worrying about him catching something besides the frisbee. Once we get through obedience, I'm going to see if we can get into agility training. The vet xray'd his hips and said he should be okay for agility. The real big problem right now is to break him of the chewing on people habit. Right now he's got a rawhide bone he's working on, but during and after walks he goes straight for my hands and it hurts. I'll find the training/behaviour forum and post up my questions there.

Thanks for having this forum and thanks in advance for the help I'm sure I'll be getting.

So, hello all, I'm Diana and this is Rafferty.
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