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Yes I have and theya re gorgeous dog.

Here is a the breed profile.

Origin: First mentioned in Roman writings of 2,000 years ago, the Maremma is a classic livestock guardian that may have been introduced into northern Italy by migrating Magyars. Quite possibly it's part of the family of large white sheepdogs of eastern Europe, such as the Akbash of Turkey, the Kuvasz of Hungary and France's Great Pyrenees, although the Maremma tends to be somewhat smaller in stature. For some time, the Maremma was actually two separate breeds - the longer-bodied Abruzzese and the shorter-coated Maremmano. In the 1950s, the duo was established as a single breed in Italy with the hyphenated name of Maremma-Abruzzese.

Temperament: Dignified and sedate, the Maremma is an independent thinker that assumes a position of control with both flock and family. Though happy to work with an owner whose judgment he respects, the Maremma reserves the right to follow his best instincts. His alert nature makes him an excellent guard dog. He is loyal and affectionate to his owners but not one to cling, or rely on them for decisions.

Activity level: Though calm by nature, the lively Maremma still needs space to run free. This strongly built dog needs and thrives on substantial exercise. Bred for centuries to protect flocks on mountainous terrain, it's his nature to maintain physical strength and condition. The Maremma is definitely not a dog for apartment or city living.

Height/Weight: Dogs should measure from 23.5-28.5 in at the withers (60-72 cm). They will tip the scales from 66-100 lb (30-45 kg).

Coat: The abundant double coat has a long, harsh and slightly wavy outer coat that tends to be thicker around the neck. The coat is shorter on the head, ears, feet and the front of the legs. There's a thick, dense and close undercoat.

Colour: The Maremma wears a coat of white. Slight shadings of lemon, ivory or pale orange are permissible.

Grooming: This breed will normally shed in spring and fall. Its all-weather coat should be brushed on a regular basis to remove dead and shedding hair.

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