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Welcome to the forum!

They will darken and show a little more as she gets older. You can tell where they'll be by looking at her skin, the pigmentation often appears on the skin before the fur.

If she doesn't have a lot showing, she probably won't get lots of spots. Not all springers carry the speckles. My old springer had brilliant speckles, but the others i've met don't all have them. Did her parents carry speckles?

My cocker spaniel has got darker as she's got older, and her black hair has grown long and covered up most of the white. You can see her speckles more when she has been clipped in the summer.

Have you got any pictures of your puppy? I absolutely adore Springers, I plan on getting one when i have time for another dog. My springer died 6 years ago now, but he was a brilliant dog while I had him. Here he is, looking all speckly!


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