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Hi thanks for replies!!

If I leave crate in bedroom he can hear us and the other dogs- and it more desperate to get out! Last night was our first night, and yes, I have in, and had him on our bed where he proceeded to wee and poo completely my fault. So from this morning I have started with crate again at intervals.

Have just had him out back tyring to wear him out, and he was crying tyring to get back in house! He had a little run then that was it, he was determined to come in.

I have moved his crate to the games room in our basement. I wont hear him if he wants to go toilet, (which is major problem) but he wont keep us up all night and I wont give in. It also means the other dogs are getting upset by hearing him scream, they were quite distressed when his cries got high pitched. I have left a light on down there and put my cd player down there with the radio on. The crate has a fleece bed in, a fleecy Kong Snugga Wubba, a tiny kong puppy classic with some of his food in, (he is only 9 weeks old so don't want to uspet his tum with treats yet??) and some nylabone toys if he wants a good chew!

So hopefully this will work? I just don't want him upset all night distressed.
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