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Originally Posted by skunkstripe View Post
Tell me about it!

Good luck!!

PS the $312 thing is for a package of 12.
Yep - figured that out after I went back and looked again.

So... anyone got a pool ya wanna sell me? We hit 4 places tonight and found one giant pink pool with a hole in it.


the pond liners I saw weren't terribly expensive. But didn't look like they'd be comfy for him either. Not sure what we're going to do. Can't even find the *(&#*$ things on-line.

i thought maybe a large plastic underbed storage bin might work temporarily. But now I can't find one of those!!! Used to have three of 'em and sent one to the kiddo. If he'll fit in it, I have one in the attic but it's not huge so.. not sure all 80lbs will fit.

it's just ridiculous to me. The guy at Academy said that everything they have for summer is "sent to Galveston" already. Well, Galveston is 20 miles away. Is summer there really that different from summer here? :P It's 9:15 pm and 80 degrees outside still.

If anyone has any work-around suggestions, it would be much appreciated.

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