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Default Aspergillius

Our 10 year old Greyhound mix has been diagnosed with Aspergillius. The vet did not catch it right away and as a result it got progressively worse fairly quickly. Since they believe there is a soft spot on the bone plate leading to his brain we are not able to do the injection treatments, rather we have to do oral medication which only has a 50% success rate.

Being a greyhound our furbaby is usually very active and playful, always bringing a tennis ball to us to throw for him, but since December he has become very lethargic and now does not even go outside to play with our neighbor's dog and if we toss a ball he just looks at us. We can tell that he is hurting even though he doesn't whimper or cry, it is the look in his eyes, he won't chew on a hard bone, and he won't let us touch his muzzle.

Our question is, has anyone dealt with aspergillius before or does anyone have any suggestions on what we can do to make him more comfortable and feel a little bit better? All we know to do at this point is let him cuddle with us and keep a towel under his muzzle for the dripping mucus.

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