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Default Yet ANOTHER torn claw.........back to the vet, or wait?

Nellie has gone and ripped another claw (we think), her third in 4 months - and she's barely 8 months old!

I've just had to drop everything and go and collect her from my husband, as she shouldn't really be running around on it all day.

The first time was on a back paw when she was really little - she actually snapped the claw clean off at the quick and it bled like mad. I took her straight to the vet and she had a weeks worth of antibiotics, but it healed and eventually grew back.

The next one was front left, it was very difficult to tell what she'd actually done at the time as everything looked normal - we left it alone for a few days and tried to rest it, but it bled intermittently so I took her back to the vet, who thought it was broken beyond the quick, as it had got infected and was really swollen. She had antibiotics and painkillers for that one.

Now she's done something to her front right - she won't put any weight on it, she's skulking around on three legs looking pained and is very unhappy about me inspecting it. Hubby managed to hold her for long enough to see some blood around one one of the claws, as if she's caught it.

She's munching away on a pigs ear right now shooting me wounded looks, but although she won't put any weight on the foot she doesn't seem particularly distressed. She is licking it quite a lot. Oh, and she's just climbed up to her spot in the window to have a bark at someone, and when she jumped down she staggered a few steps then flopped down on the rug before she got as far as her bed!

What do you think, trip to the vet today, or leave it a couple of days to see if she sorts herself out? I don't want to be a neurotic owner, but what if it gets infected again..........


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