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Question Help! Sexual aggression in young pup

I'm looking for advice please!
Our new golden retriever puppy is only 9 weeks old but is showing a lot of sexual agression. So far it's only been towards his toys but when he is in his "moment" if you go near him he bites and growls and goes to bite you.

He is showing quite a bit of "occasional" aggression generally which we are trying to manage using water sprays as he is scaring our older retriever. We thought initially he was biting at our older dog because he thought him to be his mum and was looking for milk as he always bites at his tummy/chest but now were not so sure as he is occasionally biting him all over. Most forums tell us how to cope with a dog that is aggressive to the puppy but rarely have we seen it the other way round.

Does anyone have any advice on how we should handle this we have had some quite contradicting info on this subject in books we have read.

Thanks in advance.

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