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Default Diarrhea but otherwise fine. Help please!!

I'm new to doggieland so please forgive me if this is a daft question but Emma has had diarrhea for the last 5 days and I'm unsure as to what to do. It isn't liquid but just sloppy (I'm so, so sorry if you are eating!!).

She is otherwise great! Lots of energy, eating very well, drinking water etc.

We rescued her from a shelter almost 3 weeks ago so I'm assuming that it's just the change of home and food and the stress that came with living in a shelter for a few weeks. Am I right to assume that? Should I be taking her to the Vet?

She also has skin allergies so we've had her on some medication for this but this hasn't coincided with the diarrhea.

Do I continue with what I'm feeding her or do I stop feeding her to give her tummy a rest? Is there things that should be avoided (high risk foods perhaps?!)?


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