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Originally Posted by cassblonde View Post
I did see another thread on car chasing, I don't think it was your article and it's getting really late here so I will have a look again tomorrow.

More specifics: This is a 10 minute walk to my children's school and then we walk in quieter areas for another 50 minutes or so taking the long way home. Susie is a Lab/Shep/Husky mix. I could probably do the stop and ignore if I gave myself more time or even left her home and came back for her to walk her along the busy road.

That's it for me tonight - thanks to everyone for their responses - I will keep checking back and do some more searches on the forum as well.

Your pup is 3 1/2 months old??? That is seriously too long of a time for a pup that age to be walking. Forced exercise is not good on growing joints and bones, the max walk you should be taking is about 15 minutes.

So close to being cured...

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