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Originally Posted by DLS View Post
Did they test your pup for coccidiosis? It is a protozoan disease, puppies can acquire the infection from contaminated premesis {where kennel sanitation is poor, puppies reinfect themselves from their own feces. The disease spreads rapidly through a kennel} or from their mother if she is a carrier.
Five to seven days after ingesting the oocycts the first signs can be mild diarrhes which progrersses to mucous like and tinged with blood. There is loss of appetite, weakness, dehydration and anemia.
Sulfonamides and antibiotics are used to treat coccidiosis.
As a vet tech, it sounds like Coccidia to me too. Coccidia can worsen with the stress of a new home. I would take in a fresh stool sample to your vet and have them check for it. I hope your pup feels better soon! (((HUGS))))

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