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Default Crate Rest

Some of you may remember the post I made a while back on my pointer, Casey's knee surgery. Well we finally got the surgery done (not the TPLO, the other one) and she just came home an hour or so ago. She has to have VERY limited exercise for the next three weeks, and is already getting sick of it. lol. We keep her in the laundry room (rather large room) and will probably have to get her a crate because she keeps getting up.
I'm also quite put out with the vets because we picked her up and she was filthy. Her ear was sticky (she also had a dental done), had green stuff on her nose and cheeks, her front leg where the iv was had blood all over it as well. So of course I spent a good half hour gently cleaning her off. Poor girl kept licking me and wagging her tail.
She's very much one of those dogs that loves being outside and being with the family, but obviously she can't be for a while. Other than frozen Kongs, what ways have you guys heard of/used to keep a dog on crate rest amused?

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