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I think with me I like to know cos if the post comes across immature, I like to know if there a younster that can't realy help it that much, or an adult thats just being stupied. I certainly helps me deside what level of telling off there going to get if they need a good talking to.

I think it's pro boards that you have to me over 13 to join any of there forums and agrea to there code of conduct saying so. But you are right there no way of police it, thoughthe amount of times I seen youngsters finaly cave and confess there real age, maybe there conshous gets to them. Oviously as soon as they amite there real age they are deleted from the forum.

I proberly don't care who knows my age (its in my profile) cos I at the age where I to old to be predated but not old anothe to feel enbarised by it. lol

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