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I love helping people find the right dog for them, so here are the questions I generally ask:

Are you comfortable getting a mixed breed, or do you need/want that larger bit of certainty that comes from having a pure bred?

Would you prefer to get a dog from a shelter, rescue group, or breeder?

Are you looking for a dog with bounce and energy to go on long runs with, or do you want a couch potato?

Do you want a puppy, or would you prefer an older (possibly already housebroken) dog?

How long will the dog be left alone each day?

Will the dog have the run of the apartment when you're gone, or will you crate?

How many people in your household?

Do you live with kids, or will kids (esp. those younger than 8) be visiting regularly?

Generally speaking, I wouldn't recommend Jack Russells or Miniature Pinschers, because in my experience, they need a little more space than an apartment can provide.
On the flip side I've found Greyhounds and Irish Wolfhounds to make wonderful apartment dogs (though these are out for you due to size restrictions).

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