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Originally Posted by agilityk9trainer View Post
I start my puppies in puppy classes before they have their three rounds of shots. Yes, this poses a bit of a risk, but the early sociazation is so deeply important. When teaching puppy classes, i have never had (or heard of) a puppy who has had their first round of shots get sick through puppy class.

However, it is true that a tiny risk is present, and if you wait until the third round of shots, your risk is gone. I, personally, chose the importance of socialization over the tiny risk. But, my dogs are also being trained to take heavy stress in the agility show ring.

As far as ringcraft vs. puppy class, I wouldn't be considering ringcraft until my dog was an adult...and then only after an intense temperment test and only if I were a really, really strong trainer. This type of training is very on-edge and should only be done by the best of trainers.

Stick to puppy class and regular obedience classes. If, down the road, you and a professional trainer decide you and your dog are candidates for ringcraft, then you can do that then.

As the original poster is in the Uk I just want to point out that here no training class would allow you to take your puppy before they have the two sets of jabs, (only two in the UK and not three).

Also Ringcraft here seems to be so different from in the states and you take puppies from as young as 10 weeks provided jabs are in place as I previously posted. This is for training for the show ring only and it is the owner who decides when and if to attend and professional trainers to not enter into the equasion.

The obedience and agility are a different kettle of fish and I am not really up on what age a puppy shouldbe to attend these in the Uk but would think that the younger the better even if just for extra socialisation.

I am only posting this in reply to you Agility K9 as the original poster may be confused by what happens and is normal practice on the other side of the pond and what is normal practice in the UK.
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