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Originally Posted by clarenlee View Post
What does it mean when a dog sighs, Winston always sign when his chewing his fav toy and when we fuss him under his chin and on his belly. Does it mean he is fed up like when we do it?
Sighing is one form of what they call a Calming Signal.A Calming Signal means a dog will express a form of body language to relax itself.Im not saying he is stressed as I dont know all the facts.Is he very protective of his toy,therefore feeling threatened when you pat him?Do you think he is obsessive with this toy?Look out for other signs like yawning,ears back on his head,panting.These are just some of their Calming Signals.I would take the toy away and use other distractions,balls,other toys whatever and watch to see if hes still sighing.This particular toy could be his security blanket which is not healthy.You should be able to remove the toy from him without feeling threatened and when you do give it back after a few days.Make him feel like it is a toy-not something he owns.Keep me posted.

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