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Default Puppy needing listening skills?

my puppy harley (french bulldog) is having a hard time listening when hes concentrating on something (e.g. teething on our other dogs, sniffing around the backyard, wandering off from our driveway every once in a while), and when we call him he just looks at us as if he is laughing and keeps sniffing or teething or wandering and when we try to get him he thinks were all playing, hes only 4 months in that adolescent age so i dont know if hell come around, but i also dont know where i start to teach him to come, he comes when he pays attention to me and he listens when im in front of him looking at him or inside the house, so what do i do? Hes smart so im sure he can learn whatever i teach him! hes just really its hard but what lessons do i teach him?

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