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My Border Collie has the same thing,It is called the Scoots,She has to be taken in every two months,She has two sacks in her anal that get infected and need to be cleaned out im not sure what the right name for it is,And Maggy has had a raw rear end due to her"Scooting"Take the dog to the vets they will clean it out,and then give you an antibioic cream to put on,This is something a dog can have once or it may continue,Maggy's case she has had this for the past year,You can clean it out yourself but i take her to the vets,as im not one i would not want to do anything to hurt her,I know of alot of people that do actually do it too there dogs.My best advice run the pup into the vet it will be more comfortable for it in the long run.

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