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Smile Hi, Cheetah Here!

Well, I should probably introduce myself. >^^;<

I'm Cheetah (Vicki really, but I prefer my nickname). I'm from Centennial, Colorado (USA) and I'm 21 years old. I found this forum advertised over at the i-dog( forum, so decided to come check it out.

I've had dogs all my life. I've witnessed plenty of abuse and neglect in my lifetime, so I'm pretty Pro-Animal Welfare, and anti-breeding-for-the-heck-of-it. I am against puppy mills, backyard breeders, and pet stores that sell (not adopt out) puppies and kittens.

I've experienced lots of dog training methods, and have a strong belief that just like people, every dog is different and may require different training methods. However, I am against physical punishment (never worked for me, don't see it working for others).

I am dog food-obsessed. I love giving advice on what to feed, and I love analyzing ingredients etc. of dog food brands. I am going to take some nutrition courses soon so that I can actually become a certified nutrition counselor and really get out into the world and help people find the right foods and diets for their dogs (and possibly cats). Expect to see me in the food-related sections of this forum quite frequently. >^_~<

I currently have a 6-year-old female Border Collie mix named Eevee, and am getting a Pembroke Welsh Corgi pup in 2 weeks from a very reputable breeder in Canada (will post pictures when he arrives!). I also have a mutt kitty, and yellow rescue budgie/parakeet, and 3 bettas (2 female, one male).

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