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I'm not a fan of shock collars. I will say that they do have their place, but that place is not in the hands of the common dog owner (that place is in field training and rattlesnake avoidance training where the dog's life may depend on it).

As for debarking, it's alot more humane than you might think. The surgery is very simple, very low risk, and relatively inexpensive, even more so than the common spay or neuter. The dog goes in and out the same day and the recovery period is less than that of a spay/neuter. The dog is also not "debarked" completely, they can still bark, it's just more raspy and not as loud. They can also still whine, howl, growl and make any other dog sound. I would rather debark than put an e collar on my dogs, and e collar would destroy them even if it were used properly.
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